Sandhurst Academy: Royal Graduate

My father is British, and I was raised with a fond respect for the Royal Family. Today: Prince William is said to have become a Military Graduate .
Adrian Dennis (AFP/AFP)
December 16, 2006 01:31am
A graduate from the elite Sandhurst military academy Military School, and a now army officer, to launch his military career....
The second in line to the throne 2nd Lieutenant William Wales. pictured here with his Queen Grandmum; ElizabethII...On this day she told the Cadets,
"This is a milestone day...which will stay forever in your minds."
... And only one day after a British police inquiry gave its final ruling on Princess Diana's death, in a high-speed car crash in Paris in 1997.
Maybe the Iraqis will begin to improve:
Iraqis Adapt British Military Academy as Model
RUSTAMIYAH, Iraq, May 26, 2006 – They call it "Sandhurst in the Sand." The Iraqi military academy here is modeled after Britain's Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, in Camberley, Surrey, and it has begun turning out officers for the new Iraqi army. Read more

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