Karzai: Courage in the Middle East

Concerning Men of Power, in our World today... We see Leaders of the Middle East who are opposed to Terrorists, but discretely challenge the threat from a "protected middle ground." Today, this philosophy fails to provide stability and protection for ones nation...Instead, we ALL have to work together to disolve terror.

"If one holds a Brotherhood to Terror"
One remains "a Brother to Terror"
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President Hamid Karzai (below/left) is a man beyond Kings...
And remains one of the most Courageous men of today's Middle East.
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CAPTION ABOVE: Hamid Karzai greets the former King of Afghanistan, Mohammad Zahir Shah, after receiving a Koran from the king outside his residence on the outskirts of Rome, December 18, 2001. The former King resisted all efforts to be returned to power; and supported Hamid Karzai for President of Afghanistan.

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NATO and US: A call to Aid Afghanistan
It's a long trail to RID Terror, but we must 'walk the walk' and hold firm ground, while providing terrorists with no other path to take, but to dissolve... Inside of every culture and religion; THIS remains the goal of the entire Earth...
Today, we out-number Terror Groups, "millions to 1".
How can the World deny our combined strength?

Karzai Speaks in reference to the Taliban...
"Liberate Afghanistan from these people,
they are going to hurt everybody,
not just Afghans"
-Hamid Karzai
-A brief bit of the origins and history of Hamid Karzai:
When his father was murdered in Pakistan, presumably by agents of the Taliban, Hamid Karzai, was selected to succeed his father as Khan of the half-million Popalzai. He immediately defied both the Pakistan and Taliban governments by leading a convoy of tribal mourners to carry his father's body home for burial in Kandahar, a stronghold of the Taliban. The Taliban did not dare intervene. This act of defiance made Hamid Karzai the most visible leader of resistance to the Taliban among the Pashtun people… read more
Today Karzai addresses Pakistan, and the recent spate of suicide bombs:
This tyranny against our people is not by the nation of Pakistan, it is by the government of Pakistan ," he added to cheers from a crowd of around 500 students, teachers and local dignitaries. Karzai also sent a message to the Taliban’s fugitive leader Mulla Omar and other commanders that “if it is you operating out of a basement of Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence spy agency) God may break your backbone”.
Almost 2,100 militants have been killed in Afghanistan since Sept 1 in operations involving special forces soldiers, an official said, meaning more than half of the country’s insurgency-related deaths this year have come in the last three months.
Middle East posts today:
Inthebullpen posts: Taliban Commander Hekmatyar:
We Won with Democratic Victory
"Hekmatyar who?"

James Joyner (outsidethebeltway) posts:
Losing Afghanistan on the Cheap
"Anthony Cordesman argues that the trends are going the wrong way in Afghanistan but that we can still win there if we act fast."

And with all the merging violence in the Middle East, we forget that this is changing History, and while many are displaced, they are "detaching" from years of lack of civility." Patience and perseverance is needed.
Rick Moran posts: The Refugee Problem in Iraq: Bad to Worse

The captain reports: Saudis: Don't Leave Iraq
”Or they would have to actually send troops into Iraq to stop the violence, perhaps all the way to Baghdad.”

Thehillchronicles: Kerry to visit Iraq - what for…
"Kerry has always had a tendency to conveniently forget that the American people are not to be underestimated."
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