A Palace Launching...

As Prince Charles launches his 'Green Revolution'...
He lends a stark warning to a forum; at his St James s Palace project:
"We're Living on Borrowed Time,
if we don't stop eating up the world's resources"

"The Queen has gone green at Windsor with a plan for hydroelectric power. The Duke of Edinburgh uses a taxi cab fuelled by liquid petroleum gas to travel around London, and water in a bore hole at Buckingham Palace is used to supply air conditioning to the Queen's gallery before topping up the water levels in the Palace lake."
Well, that should about take care of ALL of our share! ;)
Rolland at the Getty-05; Charles et Saudi
The heir to the throne is determined to reduce his carbon footprint on the world, as his staff makes trips around the capital on bicycle instead of taking cars or cabs...Read story

According to 'thisislondon'... The guest list included such politicians and business and faith leaders as: The Archbishop of Canterbury, Prime Minister Blair, Dr Rowan Williams, Lord Browne, chief executive of BP, Actor Stephen Fry and comedian Al Murray...Oh ...and with tapes and books in hand:

The Iraq & America basher


Wild Bill (Passionate America) has more info:
Man-Made Global Warming Is A Hoax

Not in attendance, was Sir David who explains why he remains reluctant to affiliate with Global Warming and Climate Change Programs...
- View a "Little" (1) min. Clip...(^__^)

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