ISG Report Fails to Address Issue

Apocalypse now: 79 recommendations and
a President forced into a corner
The ISG REPORT released these findings; but failed to address the lack of accountability concerning UN violations and enforcements by the UN member/int'l community. Anything less, is to pit "terror" upon the Free world, confusing aggression with prevention; and prohibiting function of a World in support of int'l laws.

The plight of the Iraqi people continues to play itself out in the most "UGLY" and tragic way possible. On the one hand you had the unanimity of ALL who knew the capabilities of this regime; but on the other hand, they didn't want to disrupt economical benefits in order to push for accountability.

But here we are, once again, with a handful of countries pushing UN regulations aside in favor of int'l business dealings with UN violator, Iran... This time the fate and safety of the community rests in the hands of Radical Mullahs; as they actively form militant armies to over-throw governments...
Iraqi Disinformation: Allegations and Facts- 1991
Saddam (as with Ahmadinejad) appeared to have been quite proficient in spreading false Anti-American propaganda to ferment a "World-Wide hate"... But what about the formation of the Iranian Regime's "Frankenstein Militants" of whom none really know quite exactly how to quell?

Amidst Iran's deregulated nuke pool and opened threats for the complete Annihilation of an entire culture of people... 'Food-for-Oil'-type on-going billion dollar projects and pipe-lines, are taking the place of Int'l Law...The US must make clear, and re-evaluate Participation with the UN...
- ISG, Passivity, and other Posts on Iraq:
The Captain: These Are The Realists?
"It's this kind of thinking, in fact, that allowed the fall of Iran in the 1970s and the rise of state-sponsored terrorism ever since."
"Baker botched it. Giving a baseball analogy, he made sure he didn’t strike out by trying for a single when he should have risked it all and gone for the home run."
Dr Sanity: Oh Yes! Let's Engage Iran and Syria!
"I should add that the whole idea of "engaging" with Iran and Syria that is being promulgated by many in the West now, is actually a form of psychological projection."
StoptheACLU: Iraq Study Group Release Report
"In a nutshell, the leaks were pretty accurate. Withdraw significant number of troops within 16 months, and talk to Iran and Syria. Yikes!"
Don Surber: Iraqi Study Group: We cannot Win
"AP headline on the story seems most accurate: "Panel: Try Diplomacy in Iraq, Then Leave."

- ISG, Passivity, and other Posts on Iraq:
Susie at Assorted Babble: Bush: 'Tough Assessment'
refers to Iraq Report
"Why even waste time speaking to our enemies
when they lie and are determined to kill us?"

Iraq the Model: To the Iraqi teachers
and students; with love!!!
"And the terrorists' campaign to kill all aspects of humanity continues; this time with a direct threat addressing students in Baghdad."

Inthebullpen: JPost: U.S. Democrats
Secretly Met with Hamas !

"I mean for whatever reason, talking with terrorist
groups and their enablers is becoming rather posh."

Also read the Captain's:
'Allahu Akbar Was
Just The Opening Act'
Perri Nelson's website
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