Shiite Cleric Asks Bush for Tougher Acts

Today, al-Hakim desperately urges a TOUGHER and continuing support by the US to crush and destroy the extremists in Iraq. During a Washington meeting with the US Bush Administration...
Iraq Shia leader asks Bush to Strike Harder!
"Otherwise we'll continue to witness
," he said in a speech.

While the anti-war shout, “ABANDON IRAQI, NOW” they also insist that they do not mean, “Abandon the Iraqis.” I wonder how this is not the same thing...
At the same time, the fate of Iraqi Democracy is met with:
UN's ... Annan; who states:
Situation in Iraq worse than civil war ...
Inthebullpen posts: Annan: Iraq Better Under Saddam

Myths and Extremists' Propaganda:
Hakim, a Shi'ite Muslim cleric who rose to power in Iranian exile at the head of SCIRI's armed wing the Badr Brigade; denies accusations by Saddam Hussein's once dominant Sunni minority that his party is behind any of hundreds of weekly killings...Hakim has maintained his position towards the Freedom and Democracy of Iraq...
(We will hear more about him, in future.)
Image: Mouvaff; "And this means: NO to Iran?"

Instead of "troop withdrawl"...
Tougher Action is needed; to crush the extremists...
"The strikes they are getting from the multinational forces are not hard enough to put an end to their acts," he said. Hakim also discussed a need for Iraqi leaders to "reject the extremists that are trying to stop the advance of this young democracy."
"Eliminating the danger of civil war in Iraq could only be achieved through directing decisive strikes against Baathist terrorists (and other Islamists) in Iraq...
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