Bolton's Resignation

The Captain asks an important question:
Has Bush Surrendered On Presidential Prerogative?
Excerpt: "It's a serious breach of the separation between the branches of government. Congress does not dictate foreign policy nor should they veto ambassadorships unless the nominee has no qualifications to the position."
AP: image-(BBC) "Shallow politics of the Senate"
Bush: 'I'm not happy' about Bolton's resignation

Today's statement by the President:
"You've been strong in your advocacy for human rights and human dignity. You've done everything that can be expected for an ambassador."
Bolton's experience with foreign policy was vast, and not only was he the most experienced and qualified to present essential challenges in the face of UN disorganization, corruption, & credibility issues; his absence should have us ALL thinking twice about the direction of our Country...Although I do not believe that it will carry through to completion; I suspect the Democrats will eventually push try for impeachment. But one should consider the tremendous security risk placed upon our Government at this time; as a result of random shuffling of intelligence, and investigations...(Eyes on the road!)
President Bush Accepts Resignation of United Nations Ambassador John Bolton
Who can ever forget Bolton...Whenever UN members wished to conceal, avoid, and forget many pertinent issues; he was there to call them out! And while Bolton always put his best foot forward with strength for our country...
The Democrat Minority fought him "tooth and nail!"
Catch the VIDEO at Hotair!

Gateway Pundit posts a very complete account of the chain of events...Including John Kerry conflict.
James Joyner says, "It’s a shame that the use of extraordinary tactics by the minority in the Senate kept him from getting confirmed to begin with."

May God help the safety of our Country now...M.B.
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