AK-47: Women Against Peace-keepers!

Here they are! Today... Women from the Radical Islamic movement demonstrate alongside a crowd of hundreds at Mogadishu Stadium, in Somalia. Shouting and chanting "anti-American slogans" as they denounce U.S. proposals that could also allow regional peacekeeping troops to go to Somalia...
"We are already Peaceful, and don't want
the Peace-keepers in our country!"
As Somalia's weak government takes more steps against these
Islamic rivals; Female suicide bomber 'events' continue!
(Image: M. Sheikh Nur)
Of course, those who have joined the Radical Islamists'
take-over, want the US to "Send more aid, to Somalia!"
The massive protest was staged against the U.S. proposed draft U.N. resolution on easing an arms embargo on Somalia... However, due to these Radicalization efforts by Iran and the Islamic Union; it has become increasingly dangerous for humanitarian aid missions to enter the area. It is said that this rapid take-over is to be a model for the rest of their "target countries."
Image: Sheikh Nur: "Waving Qurans and Weaponry"
And as for the Christians in Somali: Sadly, it is becoming evident that the price for ending war, and distribution of food, is:
ZERO Tolerance for Religious Freedoms!
(The "Beheading-kind" of ZERO Tolerance.)

Ethiopia, a largely Christian nation, fears the emergence of a neighboring Islamic state and has acknowledged sending military advisers to help the Somali government.

Earlier Thursday, Ethiopia's parliament authorized military action if attacked by the Islamic movement, which has declared holy war on Ethiopia over its troop incursions.
Dr. Sanity: Carnival of the Insanities!

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