Iraqi: ISG (withdrawl) & Ameri-phobia

In all, Iraqi Foreign Minister received more diplomatic support from China, than majority of Arab Nations!
Democracy continues to lack support by certain Int'l Arab Leaders; though not because it isn't workable...They believe that it belongs to the West… As one observes a portion of the non-democratic Arab World who continue to use democratic slogans to help them hold onto their power; they also observe a fail to see that hundreds of millions around the globe, & EVERY CULTURE, currently live under elected democracy.

Iraqis are not killed because they chose to be democratic. Lack of
FULL Arab Leader support, enables rivals against Iraq's stability!

-Hotair reports: Baker Commission findings
Arabs Leaders call Iraq a Western Government?!
Iraq's electoral system (devised by U.N. experts)
was based on proportional representation
Archive: Iraq-MFA; ANSA- 06
Western-Phobia must end! IFM Zibari challenges 10 Arab
countries to support iraqi Gov; in order to solve this crisis!
CAIRO- UPI| IFM Zibari states (After Egyptian and ALFM talks)"I have asked for a clear Arab support of Iraq's political process and government in which Egypt would take the lead....The increasing Iranian role in Iraq of which we are complaining; is due to the decline of the Arab role."
With low to no Arab neighbor support for the
reconciliation efforts; Thousands of int'l
sponsored Militants have swarmed into Iraq!

11-2005: Turning point for Iraqi/Arab Leaders:
"A preparatory meeting for the aspired reconciliation summit held at the Cairo-based Arab League in November 2005 proved to be in vain as it failed to convince the warring Iraqi factions to hold their fire and end bloodletting as a first step towards consensus." Source.

-More posts against "surrender-ISG"..
The Captain posts:
The Consequences Of Withdrawal
"Captain gives just a small segment of the people we will betray if we head for the nearest exit."
John W. Lillpop at Basilsblog:
Democrats Rejoice in News from Iraq Panel;
Ignore Blood on Own Hands

Church and State's: Comparison of Terrorists to Liberals

Jay at StoptheACLU reminds us of a Ben Franklyn quote.

Kim at Wizbang: New York Post's Characterization
of ISG: Surrender Monkeys

blog posts on Iraq at The Truth Laid Bear
Joscafe | conservativeCat| Beltwaytrafficjam

James Joyner Posts: The Sticky Parts of the ISG Report Recommendations
"Does this conjure up images of James Baker, Lee Hamilton,
Sandra Day O’Connor, etc. huddled together in the college
library for anybody other than me?"
...And read this wonderful post by Mohammed at Iraq the Model:
"I'm not living in denial, I admit it that living here is so difficult and there's a lot of fear and pain, and a lot of patience and hard work is needed."

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