Another Day, Another Knight

Wik-fair trade
"Now, getting two sword taps on the shoulders
doesn't mean you're off to fight some war against France
(well, not anymore), but it does indicate you've
been "gallant" and "chivalrous" for quite a few years and
the queen says so."-E-online
The latest pop star to be awarded
an Honorary knighthood by the Queen:

"Sir, Tom Jones"
AP~View close up: click-here!
Hard to believe how many decades he has entertained
young and older audiences alike, with songs such as:
"It's Not Unusual", and "Kiss"...
According to AP, along with a few 'notables', such as Mick Jagger,
Paul McCartney, and Elton John... Tom Jones, by advice of the
UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, is now...
"Sir Thomas"
A few US citizens receiving honorary knighthoods include...
Former US presidents: Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, Sr.,
former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, US Federal Reserve
Chairman Alan Greenspan, entertainer Bob Hope...and...

Sir Bill Gates!
BBC- March, 2005
As a global business leader, he was honored last year,
for his business skills and contributions toward the
reduction of world poverty...American citizens cannot (of course)
use the title "Sir", but are so entitled to put the letters
KBE after ones name...
Squire? Knight? Lord? Sergeant?
You could already be entitled... :)
Find out: here
Or perhaps you just need a little:
knight school?
Squire training?

It's Don Surber's:
Carnival of the Celebrities!
Submit post: Here!

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