Primordial Precepts: The Bi-polar Wars

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(Below) a few 4D insights on Wars and Earth changes:

An interesting Video by Science Journal, shows the details of a completed analysis of last year's captured stardust comet particles...
View: VIDEO Stardust Samples

Tiny solar-system particles once thought to be from ancient stars having exploded and died...Are now found to be hot particles from the inner solar system migrated out to the cold!...A long held Scientific belief of our distant outer origins, becomes "re-discovered" as primordial material!
(as if the solar system has turned itself inside out.)

Similar with my insight on Earth changes. Many believe that we are negatively impacting the survival of Earth; but I believe that from a higher level, many here have outgrown the earth. In fact, I can see a connection of how the evolution of the Earth seems to be directly affecting a bi-polar human struggle.

The least civilized and least developed of our planet now merge forward, focused on an in-ward growth struggle of impatience, desperation, intolerance.. But cannot find their place in modern civilization! And we who have merged and grown in Modern civilization are free intellectually, but trapped physically, yet unable to travel beyond this violent (primitive) dance!

THE CONFLICT: A more developed man believes he holds complete creative and corrective powers over our massive and mysterious 'holding-station' Earth; while the primal man feels he may only effect its destruction!

Granted, our civilization has a far wider gauge of which measures its violence; but who can deny the seeds of the Earth and Earth changes, have positioned tribes and societies toward their efforts for survival...

Earth must be their lesson now
Earth changes will force as many to leave, as will colonize away from Earth...Some of us will teach the Primal Modern man to create before they destroy.(^__^) But we cannot stop Evolution in any Political format!

An interesting "Invisible Mountain" study
As scientists continue research in order to gauge the effects of global climate change, they are beginning to look closely at conditions beneath Earth's ice sheets, which are said to cover roughly 15 percent of the planet. Just as the surface ice has morphed over its 2.7 million-year life, the world beneath the ice has likely evolved. Jeanna Bryner reveals an interesting "twist" to environmental issues: Invisible Mountains Revealed under Greenland Ice Using the same NASA GISMO technology to map ice sheets on Mars... Read more about:
The opposite poles of environmental research
Check back for: The ominous Earth cycle of geomagnetic reversal!
-Coming right up! :D -M.B.

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