Earth Impact: Examining Sumatra quake

-U.S. scientists say they've determined Earth's gravity
changed as a result of the giant 2004 Sumatran earthquake.

We know the enormity of the Sumatra Quake, but now, according to a report by the UPI... Scientists are making more discoveries as to the true scale of earth impact. Observed by 'first time use of NASA satellite detection', Scientists have recorded these remarkable changes in the Earth's surface, caused by the 9.1-magnitude December 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake in the Indian Ocean; and examine how they have effected increase melting of polar caps.
-Click-image-view- NASA: Animation-
Graced Science Data System-06
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-Larger View of still example: -here.
Movie: Gravity Field Variations Observed by Grace
The above animation depicts variations in the Earth's gravity field observed by GRACE over the period 2002-2005. The variations are expressed as the amount of water in each location at the Earth's surface required to create the gravity change GRACE observe, because the main source of these variations is redistribution of water due to land surface hydrological processes like precipitation and river runoff, polar ice mass changes, and oceanography.
-Interesting Study: HT: NewsTrack - Science
-COLUMBUS, Ohio, Aug. 3 (UPI)

-Research Scientist at Ohio State University, Shin-Chan Han explains that the event followed the slipping of two continental plates under the seafloor that raised ocean bed in the region by several feet for thousands of square miles.
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NASA: Click-image-view-Larger-
Graced Science Data System-06
-GRACE Measurements Show Mass Loss in Greenland
This figure shows the ice mass loss in Greenland as observed by GRACE over the period 2002-2005 measured in cubic kilometers per year. The ice mass loss observed by GRACE contributes about 0.4 mm/yr to global sea level rise. GRACE is continuing to observe Greenland and other polar ice caps to better understand this phenomena.

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