Phoenix out of the Ashes

Peace remains the greatest gift given to the future generations of Mankind, as it is proof in the artifacts of culture, with which man tracks the progress of both his neighbor's philosophies... and that of his own.

More than any time on this Earth (in this age of the escalation of weaponry capabilities) the steps of mankind are at risk of being ...forever lost...

Again we see Palestine and Israel (BOTH of whose populations have inherited same-conflict war) have spent their life-times engaged in this same-conflict war... BOTH identify with what they believe Peace would look like...however, how can they possibly know how to achieve it.
The Art of Salvador Dali and current climate of 2006

The Emergence of the "Friendly” Phoenix

I site an example of one of the most endangered bird species in the world, and the discovery of what has clearly been mapped as the key to their survival. Incidentally: Six years ago, this species held only a few survivors; but now have grown to an estimated 170 birds... I call them "Troth" birds (after the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics)...more commonly known as "the Northern Bald Ibises"; or to Egyptians: "the Crested Ibis"...
- "Bird of the Pharaohs" Stages Comeback

The ancient Egyptians believed the human soul turned into this "Geronticus Eremita" bird, when departing for the afterlife. Mummified remains and hieroglyphics, found inside tombs , have left Archeological evidence, which indicates that the Ibises were kept domestically. This is also experienced in their friendly nature, today.
-The Ibises species continue to place greater hope in Peace, as they continue to live fearlessly amongst the community of man...
-They live in Peace, that Man will "GIVE" Peace in reciprocation...
This is their instinct, and remains their only law of survival...

They are the givers of Peace, but experts believe that the Ibises' habit to live near to, trust, and give unconditional peace to humans, was the main cause of the bird's downfall...They say this made it "vulnerable to hunting, habitat loss, human disturbance, and pesticide poisoning"... I say, that the downfall of man has been his inability to "give peace". Wars recycle, and much of man's survival has been less than Peaceful..

I am saddened that the Palestinian/Israeli conflict has found its way to deepen, as groups of every culture have now become the eyes for the blind, and sad too, for every weakened ability for mankind to measure his steps on this little Earth…
While this conflict moves to a larger region (be it may, the thousand reasons to keep the suffering in place) a wider global confrontation will do little but broaden the casualties...though will still leave the solution as "one between two sets of people"...

But without it sounding like some sort of cliché,
The answer is in the Ibis... :)

-More links:
Rare Middle East bald ibis tagged
"Many the stars I passed in my journey,
many the races of men on their worlds;
some reaching high as stars of the morning,
some falling low in the blackness of night."
Note: Literal translation and interpretation of one of the most
ancient and secret of the great works of ancient wisdom."
-Adapted from the Doreal translation of the Tablet VI of Troth...

-There are heritage issues, which must be protected. The realization of this, is man's salvation. Support Societies of whose mission is to protect artifacts:
El proyecto Djehuty
-Man's wars, and the societal loss: Iraqi Cultural Heritage Issues

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