UAE Holds First FNC Elections

UPDATE: Amal Abdallah Al-Koubaïssi! The election of a woman to the national Council federal CNF of the plain Arab Emirates marked Saturday the first legislative poll in the history of this monarchy of the Gulf, a small step on the way of a very controlled opening! :)
Ablel Mohal- 06; History is made in UAE!

ABU DHABI: For the first time in history, those selected by the rulers of the seven emirates (which make up the UAE) went to the polls to choose half of the country's Federal National Council or FNC!
The seats are contested by 439 candidates, including 65 women, while the other 20 members are nominated by the emirate rulers after the polls...
Ablel Mohal- 06; History is made in UAE!

Although only a tiny percentage of the population have been invited to vote at these elections, the government has been keen to point out that this is a starting point on the route to broader political participation...
Poll Locations were: Dubai, Ras al-Khaima,
al-Sharja, Ajman, Umm al-Quain and al-Fujaira

Welcoming Changes in the Middle East
Perhaps the perception of Democracy as a "policy of the west" has been far more detrimental to Middle-Eastern Arab's acceptance, than the actual "Democracy" itself… To remove this western label, one only has to consider the tens of millions around the globe, of EVERY CULTURE, who currently live under their own form of democratic government.

Now, Saudi Arabia too, has lifted restrictions to allow Women to vote and run in chamber of commerce elections...Changes for the Kingdom, are as gradual and welcome for the Saudi people, as were in the first stages of all Democracy. (United Kingdom etc.)
Perhaps King Abdullah, will decide to take to
vote a 'Middle Eastern version below:

This may solve a desperate need to end militant conflicts in Iraq (by restoring law and order) and also enable a sound arbitration towards King's Peace plan for Palestine. A move which would enable US to disengage its position (and clear up several inaccuracies, too.)
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