NASA: Docking with the ISS !

The Int'l Space Station... What a truly exciting (and essential) world cooperative development. There is so much to look forward to!
IMAGE: ISS STS-121 (From former visit)
Earlier Today: Shuttle Discovery docks with space station!
View NASA-TV: And an amazing detail of preparation!
Here they are! See them LIVE!
Houston: The US space shuttle Discovery successfully docked with the International Space Station at about 2210 GMT, NASA said.

"Houston and Alpha from Discovery, capture confirmed,"
Discovery commander Mark Polansky radioed to mission control
and the ISS...Earlier in the day, Polansky told ISS commander
Michael Lopez-Alegria that they saw the space station...
from quite a distance...

"Thanks for leaving the light on for us," he said.
John Art of Frassanito & Associates-
Before docking, the shuttle made a backflip to allow the ISS crew to check it for damage by imaging the sensitive tiles on its belly. In just over a minute, ISS crew members Mikhail Tyurin and Thomas Reiter each took 150 pictures using cameras with an 800-mm lens camera and a 400-mm lens, respectively.
The images will be sent to mission control in Houston, Texas, US, so analysts can compare the photographs to those taken before Discovery launched.
The two crews got right to work opening the hatches between the two vehicles.
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