Int'l Space Station: Mission STS-121

Discovery is slated to again visit the ISS
STS-121 scheduled visit in the works!
-Click-Above-image-- Amazing how they prepare, here on Earth...

I'm excited about this International Space Station mission... Essential development, and continuing additions...a Wonderful World-cooperative venture, sees this as a well-prepared mission in the works! Who cares if they need an extra day, week, or month! I hope the Media will be patient, with less need to create Drama...
When NASA gives the word and the approval,
you KNOW that it will be excellence!
VIEW: Interactive Updates

-Yet, already, many in the media, psychic world, have made their mind up for failure... It's DRAMA... And, isn't this just typical of our World...
-For instance: The last spaceflight... Over a million working, movable, and fundamental parts, and the World Media was fixed on small piece of fuselage! Quite to the surprise of some of the crew, who did not know that MSM (Main stream media) was creating such a DRAMA... It was a simple repair, made into an "Dramatic" potential for disaster...

Do we really need this Fatalistic Media Drama?... I say, NO!

-Adding later...(Wireless posting, about out of battery-life!)
John Frassanito & Associates- ART
"The image above is Art; but I would really
love to see this type of development! More
later, at the top of the post."
- M.B.

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