Hates and Fakes: For World Sympathy

Video of the Hamas policy of Kidnappings at; also celebrates the killings and kidnapping (by claming responsibility of their groups on their website) while placing graphic posters of smoldering and destroyed Israeli positions, with the words:
"Smashed Illusion Operation", and
"Crushing Blow on Zionist Enemy".

-Evidently, a kidnap policy might be just fine for many of the World who shockingly support Hamas, and haven't questioned this...
((Click-Image-View-video))-Clip Abu Dhabi TV

-Saed Siam, PA Interior Minister (now charged with locating the hostage)
-Hamas prior to 'Hamas Power'-

"In the past Hamas succeeded in kidnapping many Zionist soldiers… There are thousands of prisoners of our forces; they have to think how to free these prisoners. And I believe that it is inevitable to kidnap soldiers to exchange for them. In the past Hamas kidnapped 10 soldiers… There is nothing the resistance cannot do. And when there is a goal and a good plan, the goal can be achieved, especially about the prisoner issue, which is top priority."

-So far we know that the 'Palestinians on the beach' clip was a fake insert...
The "Israel used shells with depleted uranium" was a falsified story... And the Mohammed Al Dura clip (from PA TV) spliced in fake, Israeli soldier footage...
-With all of these tapings (distributed in June) having been found to be mocked-up, I have yet to see one retraction! All were designed to incite World hatred, and gain support...

-Here's another image from the Hamas website...Those who believe that Hamas ought to be honored, might just want to listen to one of their associates as he speaks of mass attacks on 'you and I' (as if it were legitimate governmental policy!)

-Click-Image-Below- to View-video--Clip Abu Dhabi TV

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