Asset Freeze? Peaceful Bomb Sharing?

"I can't have acquired this news before Yahoo, can I?" -M.B.

-While reading the link below, I was reminded of an interesting sighting at Iran's September-04, "Sacred Defense Week" Military Parade! ...(First and second Images below)
-The Wednesday, 28 June 2006 report, by the Mojahedin:
- U.S. Freezes Chinese Space Company Assets
over Iranian Missile Aid
-Excerpt: "The companies cited by the U.S. government in the asset freeze are specifically accused of aiding the Iranian contractors that develop the Shahab-3 and other shorter range missiles capable of carrying chemical or nuclear weapons."
-The Parade:
-(Below)-A truck carries a long-range Iranian Shahab-3 Ballistic missile during the annual military parade to mark the beginning of "Sacred Defense Week."
The Shahab-3, Iran's most advanced missile,
is touted as being "capable of hitting Israel."

-Here's more of the "Chinese and Chinese affiliate" Asset-freeze story:

To be explicit:
"The companies targeted have supplied Iran's military and Iranian proliferators with missile-related and dual-use components," said Stuart Levey, undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence at the Treasury Dept.
-In addition to CGWIC, the assets of its U.S. subsidiary, G.W. Aerospace Inc. of Torrance, Calif., were also frozen. The U.S. assets of the China National Precision Machinery Import/Export Corp. have also been frozen. It does space technology export business in U.S. currency...

-See Iran Watch for explanation of: (CGWIC)
-ABOUT: China Great Wall Industry Corp. (CGWIC) is owned by the Chinese government, and the U.S. government's accusations concerning Iran are aimed as much at the Chinese government as company representatives. Chinese officials reacted angrily to the asset freeze.

-Again, this missile is capable of striking southeastern Europe and most areas of the Middle East. The Shahab-3 is believed to be nuclear-capable...

-Not only that... This was also discovered:

The Iranian missile programs involved are also tied directly to development of the third-stage solid rocket motor for the North Korean Taepo-Dong-2C/3 ballistic missile, according to an analysis by Iran has specifically aided the North Korean third-stage design, the think tank says...

-And this, from 1.00pm Thursday June 29, 2006 -INDEPENDENT-
China opens space projects to the world

-Superseded by this on the 27th:
-Wrap: Putin calls for new arms
deal with U.S., fair competition
27/06/2006 18:11 MOSCOW, June 26 (RIA Novosti)
-More when updates are available..

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