Video-Spacecrafts: Earth’s Magnetic-Field

-Nothing like a different vantage point to reveal the true enormity of the sun... (and the concept-shift, of Power and relevance.) And, let us not forget the "Solar- Flares" of 2003...
Solar storm surge 'not over yet'
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-Space Station World-Contributions & Direction-

If for no other reason but to give growth and longevity to the evolution of the 'MIND of mankind'; the proposed Wednesday June 28th, launch of Discovery, assures to be ultimately instrumental in building the space station...
-View Clip of Discovery ... And wonderful slideshows
-It is agreed by researchers, that the solar activity is a prelude to the celestial and energetic events unfolding on the planet at this time...
-Astrophysicists reveal that Earth is experiencing an increased break-down of the integrity of its magnetic field ...Particularly evident when charged particles stream down through the atmosphere, as they effect airplane flights & telecommunications...

Earth's magnetic field (and the surface magnetic field) is approximately a magnetic dipole, with one pole near the north pole and the other near the geographic south pole. An imaginary line joining the magnetic poles would be inclined by approximately 11.3° from the planet's axis of rotation. The cause of the field is probably explained by dynamo theory. The magnetic field extends several tens of thousands of kilometres into space as the magnetosphere.

This brings us to the reality of the Earth's diminishing integrity (with many theories) and an interesting phenomenon today: The increased ability for many around the world to 'video capture' what I will call:
"Residual Craft Sightings"
(Also commonly referred to as: UFO)

-These 'naked-eye' sightings (and hundreds of recent Video tapings) speak more to me of residual energy bleeding through the grids from another space of time, than it does of actual space visitors. That is to say, these tapings seem to represent further proof of the continuing loss of Earth's integrity...

-For instance, an interesting film from -6-22-06:

-Note the rate of speed of these residual craft-
Rich Giordano’s- ©-6-22-06- filmed sky views
SOURCE: case-book
-I believe that it is logical to look at the differences of speed and grid pattern at which both Earth transportation and residual craft, are observed. We are moving too slow to be seen? Our primitive waves (for instance, jet waves) are too slow to be detected as anything more than a block or interference? ("Or maybe not yet occurred?")

-Next: An interesting video of a residual craft trying to reposition itself with a jet-liner (video way too talkie) View here
-Note the blockage… I might add: the tower (during this sighting) did receive a very "quick-glitch" detection of 'interference'...

-For an example: Liken the differences in speed, their awareness, with something simple, yet complex, found in our studies of DNA... (Appealing to geometric, rather than linear)...
-Stephen Hawking:
"The current rate at which human DNA is being updated by biological evolution is about one bit a year. But there are 200,000 new books published each year, a new information rate of over a million bits a second. Of course, most of this information is garbage but even if only one bit in a million is useful, that is still a hundred thousand times faster than biological evolution. This transmission of data through external, non-biological means has led the human race to dominate the world and have an exponentially increasing population."

-In 2007, the launch of the The Terrestrial finder, launch!! It will be interesting to find galaxy colonies, of whose craft move in a faster or slower grid pattern than we...

Speaking of grids: Larger image of grid map can be seen here;
Credits: Becker and Hagen's: Anthropology of thought
...And study of the Earth's grid-formations.)
Architects: Becker and Hagens show us how these shapes were first discovered, and then how they worked into the ultimate Earth Grid, which they called the Unified Vector Geometry 120 Polyhedron, or the UVG 120 Earth Star.

They ascribe to the discovery of the work of Ivan P. Sanderson, who was the first to make a case for the structure of the icosahedrons at work in the Earth. He did this by locating what he referred to as vile vortices, or areas of the Earth where mysterious disappearances, mechanical failures and time-space distortions were seen to occur....
-SIMPLY: Windows are opening in our sky, abilities to photograph residual electromagnetic energy from different time-lines are completely logical. I believe that they will, naturally, become more frequent…

ps: -Imagine this fellow who viewed this residual craft when he downloaded his basketball VIDEO! :-D

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