21st Century: New Age of Discovery

"Lucy"- Photograph by: Zeresenay Alemseged, ©2006

Fossil Find Is Missing Link in Human Evolution - Scientists Say
This century (with its increase in technologies) has brought forth many significant digs...The discovery of fossils, surfacing of lost cities and artifacts, have enabled scientists to continue to assemble the puzzle of the origins of our past, which represent the 'loops in time' on our shifting Earth.

The impact of "The Age of Discovery" of the 15th to 17th Century Explorations, seem second to those of 21st Century; which unravel the very nature of man as a being...
Our 21st Century might very well be remembered as :
The New Age of Discovery...
(There, I've named it... it's final. (^__^)
-An interesting story at:
National Geographic News
By John Roach
April 13, 2006
In 1974 a team led by paleoanthropologist Donald C. Johanson caught the first sight of Lucy's elbow protruding from gravelly sediments. Dated at 3.2 million years ago, the set of fossilized bones found in the badlands of Hadar, Ethiopia, proved to be a groundbreaking find (Ethiopia facts and map).

At the time Lucy was the oldest and most complete early human fossil ever found. Her pelvic and leg bones indicated that she had walked upright.

Lucy's species was given the name Australopithecus afarensis in 1978. The species is believed to be the common ancestor of all later human species, including modern humans...

-Definitely glad that we increased in height! ;)
(Lucy was found to have been approx. 3.5-foot-tall (1.1-meter-tall)
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