Clinton, Fall of Russia, Rise of Terror

-Read (below)....How lack of international prioritization, failure to import Free Enterprise, mishandling of NATO Enlargement, and weak (Gore Foreign policy) became the chief contributing factor to the escalation of international terror, corruption, and loss of Democratic values today...
And how:
Clinton Administration Support for Rule by Decree
Abets Destruction of the Russian Parliament
TIME-Clinton Campaign Trail- 92
Administration Without a
Foreign Policy Plan ...
In 1992, Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and Tennessee Sen. Al Gore campaigned on the slogan, "it's the economy, stupid."

The Clinton-Gore decision to avoid all discussion of foreign policy was partly for tactical reasons: their political opponent, President George Bush, had just won a complete military victory in the Gulf War, and had presided as the leader of the free world at the conclusion of America's victory over Soviet Communism in the Cold War.

It was also a reflection of the genuine bias toward domestic affairs shared by both Clinton and Gore, whose primary focus had long been such issues as the environment and technology...
For both of these reasons, the Democratic candidates for president and vice president in 1992 neglected foreign policy more than any candidates in any national election since World War II. Despite the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and the advance of a newly-free Russia-

-All of which presented America with its greatest foreign policy opportunity in the post-World War II era--neither Clinton nor Gore devoted noticeable energy to these historic challenges for America during the campaign year.

Particularly detrimental as: the task ahead, was to assist Russia in the creation of free enterprise system, after a century of state control.
The primary focus of Clinton's three major foreign policy addresses during the 1992 campaign was actually the domestic economy. In each of these "foreign policy" speeches, the subject of Russia served as little more than a segue into calls for cuts in defense spending...Continue...
- blog posts on Hillary Clinton at The Truth Laid Bear

Putin, Afghanistan, & Bin Laden- 2000

-Sited are the turn-of-events leading to the escalation of Nuclear Weaponry, communist alignments of Russia, and the escalation of international terror:
The Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission
Delegating Duties--A Bureaucracy Is Born!

Paying the Price for Failure
to Develop a Market Economy
- The 1995 CIA Report
Systematically ignoring evidence of corruption

-Russia: The Rise of Organized Crime
-From Stalinist Purges to Organized Crime Hits
-Russia's total Economic Collapse

-Weapons Proliferation Feeds a
Corrupt and Cash-Starved System

'Islands of Excellence': The Paradox of Russia's Military
-From Friendship to Cold Peace: The Decline
of U.S.-Russia Relations During the 1990s
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Oct. 30, 1997. Secretary Kissinger strongly opposed both the Clinton administration's "Founding Act" and its "Partnership for Peace" program as undermining the Atlantic Alliance...
-The Destabilizing Effects of the Clinton Troika Policy on Russia's Neighbors
Russia's New Nuclear Doctrine

The Clinton administration's failure to place primary emphasis on replacing Communism with the basic elements of the free enterprise system helped create the conditions in which organized crime has flourished...
Additionally...Diplomatic channels and based on personalities rather than policy, compromised the ability of the United States to respond to intelligence information, especially information about the head of the Russian Commission, Viktor Chernomyrdin...
It is also in conjunction with Iran, that Russia envisages making a comeback in such places as Syria and Lebanon where Iranian influence is already well-established...And now 2006, Moscow needs Tehran to prevent the US from imposing its proposed model for the exploitation of the Caspian Sea's immense oil and gas resources...
blog posts on Russian Federation at The Truth Laid Bear

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