Putin, Afghanistan, & Bin Laden- 2000

Prior to the close of the Clinton years, with its failure to place primary emphasis on replacing Communism with the basic elements of the free enterprise system; the ‘usher in’ of a new escalation of Nuclear Arms, new communist alignments for Russia, and the escalation of international terror... These too, found their way to 2000:
Clinton, Fall of Russia, Rise of Terror

Who could forget that in (pre- 2000) Afghanistan was considered a "Hot-bed of international terrorism", and by 2000, the U.S. claimed Bin Laden to be the world's most dangerous terrorist...
And, who could have forgotten international reports in 2000,
which revealed Putin's threat to bomb Afghanistan!
Russia-Ria- (As per simulation)
And, by-the-way...I don't recall Russia seeking
Permission from the U.N. Security Council!
-P.S. 2000 link is down, hope you can read (below) -Key parts in larger print.
Message: Russia Threatens to Bomb Afghanistan
Source: May 22, 2000

In the Russian Federation's first public ultimatum to another country, an aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that Russia was prepared to bomb Afghanistan for harboring terrorists.... In remarks reported by Russian news agencies, the spokesman, Sergei Yastrzhembsky, went so far as to name the target of the first attack if Russia decided to deliver on its threat – the town of Saidobad near Mazari-Sharif.
Yatrzhembsky said that Afghanistan has turned into a "hotbed of international terrorism" and preventive strikes are one of the options being considered by Putin to deal with the issue, Itar-Tass reported.
Yastrzhembsky's warning comes a day after Putin's visit to Central Asia, where he promised the presidents of neighboring Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan that Russia would provide all necessary assistance to safeguard their southern borders.
Yastrzhembsky's announcement comes as Russian forces continue to be locked in a seemingly no-win battle in the breakaway republic of Chechnya.

Yastrzhembsky claimed that Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov's envoys have signed a three-way deal with Osama bin Laden – a man the United States claims is the world's most dangerous terrorist – and Taliban commanders in northern Afghanistan to supply fighters, weapons and ammunition to Chechen separatists.
Russian-led Soviet forces were humiliated in a bitter 10-year war in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989, after which the country descended into chaos and civil war. The Taliban, which controls most of the country, is not recognized by the international community.
Yastrzhembsky said that Russian intelligence reports concluded that Maskhadov's envoys had been in Mazari-Sharif, where they met with bin Laden himself and several top Taliban commanders, and agreed to train and send Muslim guerrillas to help the Chechens repel Russian forces.
The Russian online news service quoted Yastrzhembsky as saying that the first detachment of 70 Mudjahuddin is expected to reach Chechnya via Azerbaijan within a few days, and in a couple of weeks the supply of men and arms is expected to grow. According to the agreement, the town of Saidobad near Mazari-Sharif has been designated as the site for a new camp to train gunmen for Maskhadov.
The threat to bomb Afghanistan is the Russian Federation’s
first public ultimatum to another country!
Armyreco- Front: Russian-made 500kg fuel-air explosive (FAE) and anti-personnel cluster (Rear) bombs in the PLAAF

-Wherever there is hope, there is perseverance, but 'falsely bleak' reports have increased terror, just as they have encouraged the enemy. These (and other media-bias) have been stacked against the strengths of our brave American soldiers, for the sake of political gain...

They must stop...

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