Radical Ideologists: Meet Next Generation

Not sure why but the more the World is comfortable that you are least to attack, the more they siege the opportunity to crush you! All the while the crushers complain that you are not peaceful...
(Maybe an "edge"-thing?)

Some might remember these ungrateful brats students who rallied to support Palestinian (suicide) Jihad, in (2004) at SFSU...
(San Francisco State University)
...Aimed at serious physical attacks against conservative students; they were held back by 13 San Francisco State police officers!
Jihad at San Francisco State
“The only way we can defeat you is to kill as many as possible! I’d rather die a suicide bomber’s death than to call myself an American!”

Nothing new... In every way possible, hateful, radical, "American" leftist students continue to support the attack on and demise of....
The good-old U.S.A...
Friend Phil explains about the 60's through the Jane Fonda age of Pro Marxist and how the leftist have an Ideology of anti-American stances by the leftists....when the U.S. was infiltrated with Communism from Russia their Idea was the destruction of the United States from within...
Or maybe they just: Don’t Know Much About History...

So... What will be next, when these students are 30?... When these human bomb supporters are "old Radical Anarchists"; spawning foreign attacks and harassing tax-paying citizens and governments...

Well...A new generation is merging forward....Right now! (^__^)
with such bravery, such determination!
And they're not shy!!
Taken: G. Goldstein!-06

basilsblog | Jos cafe | Conservativecat
Don’t Know Much About History
TMHBACONBITS: Libs Love to Hate

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