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In May of 1998, a little over two months before the U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania...Osama Bin Laden answered questions with interviewers, at his mountaintop camp in southern Afghanistan: (And yes, it was left/media)

Particularly interesting (in as much time has passed) is his shift in perspective.. Reflected in the outline and video below, these interviews (of 1998) show Bin Laden, claiming to hold "no interest" in the opinions or reactions of the government and the people of America...

..But as soon as America committed to the rise of his challenge; his later transcripts (post 2003-06) seemed to play close attention (if not complete reliance upon) step-by-step opinions of the American leaders, the polls, the media...what-have-you...

To swipe a "reverse-quote" from The 10/ 1/ 06 Timesonline:
"How easily he slipped from a
fundamentalist identity to Western one."

-View clip of interviews, also: here (real-player)

Transcript of interview part 1: here...
-(As was questions by some of his followers)

-Transcript of interview part 2: here
(Interview by ABC reporter John Miller)

-hunting Bin Laden Transcript

And now, in the style of 'obvious media propaganda', a compilation of "old footage" from Timesonline...Complete with "time-stamp"...
HT: Drudge

-Here's some additional thoughts on, "Assorted Media Blunders":
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