NATO: Command of Afghanistan

It seems like only a short time ago that the newly formed Democratic Government joined together to share a much deserved, congratulatory...

But now...The success and stability of the Government of Afghanistan is met with a renewed threat of violence... This time however; peace and stability remain 'of complete urgency' to the entire Middle East...

According to Agence France Presse:
NATO to Take Command of Whole of Afghanistan in a ‘Few Days’
Afghanistan Defense-NATO- 06; Pano
“Within a few days, on a date yet to be finally decided, you will see the completion of the steady expansion of ISAF,” Mark Laity told a media briefing. “When the regional command east comes under ISAF command, it will lead to 10,000 to 12,000 US troops coming under ISAF NATO authority.” Another around 8,000 US troops in the east would remain under the US-led coalition which has been commanding the area, he said...read more

-NATO is expected to take command of not only the whole of Afghanistan...According to news: "ISAF aims to quell the spiraling Taleban insurgency through military pressure and reconstruction, intended to win "hearts and minds."

-View article: Return of the Taliban

Taliban fighters and drug traffickers
Last month, the United Nations announced a record 6,100 metric ton opium crop in Afghanistan 50 percent higher than the 2005 yield. Afghanistan now produces 92 percent of the world's opium poppies, or raw heroin. In some parts of southern Afghanistan, American officials say, drug traffickers have formed an alliance with the Taleban... Source
-Captain Ed posts an interesting (and jaw-dropping) Dycodomy of the region:
A Graphical Depiction Of
The Challenge In Afghanistan

-Great slide-show at Centcom:
Afghan president thanks CENTCOM, coalition

Uncooperativeblogger posts the:
CentCom Newsletter

From a recent press release by Frontline:
Northern Alliance- 06; Pano
"After the fall of the Taliban five years ago, some experts warned of a nightmare scenario. The Taliban and Al Qaeda would escape from Afghanistan into neighboring Pakistan and set up new command centers far out of America's reach...
That nightmare scenario has come true. The Taleban controls large parts of the lawless tribal areas along the border. In a video obtained by FRONTLINE the Taliban demonstrate their brutal brand of justice...After executing 17 people, said to be thieves, in front of a crowd of hundreds, they hung the bodies on poles for three days...
"We have killed these people and sent them
to God," a Taleban gunman says to the camera.
"God will bring them to justice."
Read more

-BBC has more information about the Taliban here
-And more about tracking their steps, past and future: here
blog posts on Afghanistan at The Truth Laid Bear
-Linked with: Conservativecat

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