K. Peninsula's Ring of Fire...

Turning the page to a world by which nuclear enrichment, formations of weaponry (and its testing)... are fully "deregulated?"
..Have we reached the end of the cross-roads?

Korea's defiance has sparked international condemnation, but how we will confront this issue, along with our ability to keep these weapons out of the hands of terrorists; will determine the 'cultural survival' of the 21st century.
This region has enough trouble, without adding another problem!
IAEA Treaty info:Limitations and early accident notifications
A nuclear-free Korean Peninsula has been one of many trials...Under the leadership of Kim Jong Il, what would be the further impact placed upon this region, in the event of accidental launchings, or hushing the effects of a underground test accident? Much is yet to be explored concerning the Prominent Hot Spots just off Japan’s shore-line)...Which as you can see (above) these plate boundary zones extending off of the coast of Japan (commonly known as the Ring of Fire) are broad belts in which deformation is diffuse and boundaries are not well defined...Geological #.
Nuclear testing: “Everything is a Challenge"

Captain Ed clarifies the size-significance of a 550-ton-yield nuke
This just in at LGF: North Korea Preparing Second Nuke Test?
When we take a look at history, we see that the removal of frontline nuclear weapons have contributed to a reduction of political tension… But it may be necessary to neutralize North Korea's likely war strategy… The new ‘absence of nuclear treaty agreements and enforcements’ has placed a serious World concern…specifically with Iran and now, DPRK…
-Hotair has President Bush response: on VIDEO (Hat tip: LGF)

Incredible post by : Michelle
Weekly Standard: The North Korean Nightmare
Rightwingnuthouse posts more here:
“Far East Nuclear Dominoes Ready to Fall"

Is a S. Korean re-armament the most obvious counterstrategy to nuclear DPRK? In the period of the early 1990's significant amounts of tactical warheads were kept on secure bases in the ROK (republic of Korea)...Of course, removed by Bush Sr. under agreement with Gorbachev) (As per agreement for US reduction of ground- and sea-based tactical nuclear weapons throughout the world) Note: It is highly likely that the young percentage of S. Koreans will reject this plan. Particularly associating this armament with the policies of GW Bush… Although, papers in South Korea are very deeply opposed and concerned with the news of test completion…
Others posting on this test:
in the bullpen:
North Korea: Nuke Test Successful

North Korea Officially Joins Nuclear Club

Notes from Ferdy - North Korea
Shows Us How Terrifying We Are

Basilsblog: Clinton “Legacy” Grows:
North Korea Goes Nuclear

La Shawn Barber’s Corner:
North Korean Nuts Test Nukes

Stoptheaclu: North Korea Conducted Nuke Test

"..And these atomic bombs which science burst upon the world that night were strange even to the men who used them." -H. G. Wells, The World Set Free, 1914.

-But not as strange as the men (who might want to use them ; )

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