Quake Groups Grade Pakistan w/Katrina

No, this isn't satire:
According to the agencies of humanitarian relief and government Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction:
Those who live under a third world militant dictatorship, are making a better job of recovering from last year's earthquake; than the United States has dealt with the rebuilding of New Orleans...
Caption below: A survivor of the October 8, 2005 earthquake rebuilds
his wooden house in Muzaffarabad - October 7, 2006.
Reut-Faisal Mahmood (Pakistan- Administered Kashmir)
On October 8th, of last year...a 7.6 magnitude earthquake killed more than 80,000 people and left about 3.5 million homeless in Pakistani Kashmir, and parts of the North West Frontier Province... Yesterday, Pakistan paid tribute to those who lost their lives, in a one year anniversary memorial...

According to a BBC report:
"Of the 600,000 houses which have been destroyed or severely damaged in the earthquake...Less than one year later, more than 350,000 houses are being rebuilt in this area, which (claims the director of ICC) is not a minor achievement I believe...
"If the benchmarks are the tsunami and New Orleans
then Pakistan gets higher marks." she said.

-Of course, their comparison omits the US requirement for top Scientific Teams specializing in Earth Environmental Science and Engineering, Astrodynamics Research, Geodetic Geoinformatics Science, Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing, Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology, Marine Sciences, Hurricane, Oceanographic and Atmospheric Studies, engaged to analyze the development of sound scientific solution...-M.B.

-Or that the United States (a significant contributor) of whose donations to Pakistan have easily exceeded 50 million dollars...
-Both very crucial facts, to any comparison...Ya think?
(Removed starving orphans from post)

-Katrina: Science and Sustainable Building
-American Geophysical Union
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Ps: Joe, I really understand how you felt from your post :(
Glad everything is alright....
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