Katrina: Science and Sustainable Building

Released today, by the American Geophysical Union, a 30 page summary of the exacting Scientifics of Katrina and Rita... See it: here.
"Why are we not rebuilt!"... Residents shout.

Katrina- I believe that the World has misgauged the severity of the largest natural disaster in the history of the United States, just as it has misunderstood America's inexperience in handling a natural disaster of this enormity...

The wide-range condemnation of the re-build efforts, and failure to meet the hopes and demands of the Katrina and Rita displaced; have not considered the urgency and relevance of sound science -- to decision-making; as a critically safe and important, long-term solution.

Let's take a look at the critical decisions which have dominated all political, economic, and social issues, in America's first-time tragedy of this enormity:

Top Scientific Teams specializing in Earth Environmental Science and Engineering, Astrodynamics Research, Geodetic Geoinformatics Science, Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing, Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology, Marine Sciences, Hurricane, Oceanographic and Atmospheric Studies, and so on, and so forth, have been painstakingly engaged in the development of sound scientific solution.

And, of course, multiplicities of these top areas of research, from around the country, have carefully aided in a lengthy assessment dependent upon hurricanes, storm surge and flooding, subsidence, climate change, hydrology, infrastructure, and disaster preparedness and response. For each topic, they assessed current understanding of the phenomenon, near-term scientific needs, and longer-term directions.

Excerpt- by Harvey Leifert:
"As developmental projects have continued and expanded, the mechanisms that had preserved the Mississippi delta in the face of subsidence and erosion have been largely stifled. While the rebuilding of coastal communities has to account for such conditions, long-term flood protection will likely require reestablishing some natural systems such as wetlands that serve as a natural barrier adding some protection from storm surge and flooding."

- My suggestion:
I say scrap the re-build; and in its place seat
a massive U.S. Naval Security Base...

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