At the Edge: N.K.'s Volatile Stance

-Given the opportunity, I have no doubt as to what this leader is capable of leaving behind in his wake. Two examples which have been triggers for the irrational and volatile "war" stance, presented by the Kim Jong Il regime:
AP-Image-purportedly taken on 1 .18 .06
From a Chinese television spot-
One: As the new (2007) U. N. secretary chief (successor to Kofi Annan) South Korean, Ban Ki-Moon states, "In Asian countries humility is regarded as a virtue" ... So too, is the desperation of Kim Jong Il...Further, his fear of an 'overthrown regime' is (perhaps) given deeper meaning with the unanimous vote to nominate S. Korea's Ban Ki-Moon...
Ban Ki-Moon statement:
Ban said if he was appointed secretary-general, he would make the most of the mandate given by the UN charter to "contribute as much as I can to the resolution of all kinds of problems - including the North Korean nuclear issue - that may threaten international peace and security".

He was deeply involved in six-nation talks aimed at persuading the North to give up its nuclear weapons and some have raised questions about why Pyongyang timed the nuclear test on the very day he was named for the prestigious UN post.

- Ban Ki-Moon next UN chief
- Who is Ban Ki-Moon?

Two: It has been often questioned (throughout Asia) that Kim Jong Il 'may' be (perhaps) in the last stages of terminal illness...On one hand, he claims to be forced to arm (to keep peace) as a 'defense posture' due to U.S. policies; on the other hand, holds the slightest concern for actions which will force the neighboring community to step closer to the boundaries of denuclearization...
-His irrationality speaks to me of finality...July-06 Audio

How this plays out, remains to be seen...
Other words in the community:
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Global Security:
Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Deployment
RIM-161 SM-3 (AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense)
To give you an idea: View Video of a missile Interception
-Jong Il has purportedly not perfected the nuclear conversion of any
(Including -failed- long-range Taepodong-2)

-Given N. Korea's alliance with Iran...(and Iran's new and merging weaponry) All hope remains with 'intercept and defuse' capabilities...
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