ICBM Warning Issued (Russia) 5.18.06

Everyone is racing to develop the "Perfect Solution"
to a 'sure-fire' form of attack prevention… But
clearly, we do not live in a "Perfect World."

After all, aren't we just the children in a life of collective forms
of diversity; birthed into this world of complexities? -M.B.

I am reminded of an article (reprinted below) from the General Staff of Russia's Armed forces (5.18.06) which serves to further validate our concerns about the dangers of a de-regulated "Nuclear Club."
(And the concern of nuclear weaponry amidst terrorist sponsoring countries.)
-Copy of the old article:
MOSCOW, May 18 (RIA Novosti) - Russia's most senior army officer issued a grim warning Thursday that the use of inter-continental ballistic missiles with conventional warheads could lead to devastating consequences.

Gen. Yury Baluyevsky, chief of the General Staff of Russia's Armed Forces, suggested the launch of the missiles carrying non-nuclear warheads could lead to members of the nuclear club launching a counterstrike.

"This (the use of non-nuclear ICBMs) may trigger an irreversible reaction in countries with nuclear arsenals because they will be unable to identify the type of warhead on a ballistic missile and its target," he said.

The general's comment came following the United States' declared intention to place non-nuclear warheads on its ICBMs.

-In this context, Baluyevsky called for an international legal framework for such missiles.
-Read a little more about current Missile Defense strategies:
at Austin Bay: Navy Missile Defense Test/
A Japanese and European ABM Shield?

North Korea Shows Us How Terrifyng We Are

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