Earth Survival: Quest Beneath the Sea

I believe that renewable sources of all needed to sustain the Earth’s growth, can be found "untapped" and hidden deep below water tables (and vortex) amongst miles of caverns, journeying beneath sea level.
Nat. Geo- 06
Providing that the current harvest of many of the Earth’s needs/sources, both nutritional and for energy consumption, are left to rest and renew (at sea-level) we should encourage the search for richer sources of such vital elements such as carbon dioxide from a magma chamber below a deep-sea volcano…I.e.: CO2; and nutritional elements... yet to be discovered.

This is why I join efforts with Ocean Research to promote exploration, not only because elements are often found to be far more efficient and often devoid of environmental pollutants...But the effort to reach these areas would put a rest on the burdened extremities of our visible Earth...

-Could it be that we are so eager to transcend from this planet, that we miss the forest for the trees?...But remember, to find the hidden underground sources of water, to supply a drought-stricken world... We must continue to study the patterns of the marine species...(^__^) [My view]...
-Please support OCEAN RESEARCH, in your area...
(more later)
For the fish eaters, there's plenty of EEL and bazaar forms of spiralina and algae. :D
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