Foreign Feline Correspondent...

-Butterscotch brings us "Feline News" this week...
Reporting from the US...
From: Drudge:
This week "This is" features a story about Grumpy… (below)
Described as a 'four-month reign of terror' in Swindon, Wiltshire (England)...Grumpy terrorized neighbor cats (and their "human servants") before he was finally apprehended, and put into a cage...
"So, as you can see…We have our terrorists, too."
Terrorist Grumpy-06
...And (unfortunately) our share of terrorist sympathizers...
“Neighbors 'felt sorry' for the puss,
but after four received nasty cuts and scratches”...

"Felt...Sorry for him??! #%@!"

-It's Friday Cat Blogging, and Carnival...
The Modulator's
Friday Ark #102
Watermark hosts:
Laurence Simon's
Carnival of the Cat's #128!

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