Media Fixation of the Cowardice Fascists

The confiscations of thousands of satellite dishes, pagers, and terminated internet connections placed against the hundreds of thousands of Iranian bloggers...Continue to be a way for the regime to "self-express"...

Instead of addressing the Human Rights' demand for the
release of tens of thousands of bloggers who are still
being held captive, in Iranian prisons...

Ahmadinejad responds by setting up his own blog…
Instead of meeting the demands of the World Community,
who desperately hold 'Safety of Our Civilization' in direct
correlation with 'Regulated Nuclear Technology'.

Ahmadinejad responds by challenging Bush to a
Televised debate...

Iran's usual style of stripping Iranians from contact with the outside world, while befriending militants, continues to enable them to shape an appeasing world media with anti-western propaganda. This remains the clearest indication of the cowardice of radicalism...

In lieu of Iran's 30,000 known political prisoners, held for crimes of speaking out against the regime, you wonder what self-respecting Media would support false and manipulated stories from a country who represses, and imprisons its journalists?
Answer: Most nearly all-

Journalists and Bloggers in jail...
Please contact and petition...
Amnesty International in
Telephone +1 212 807 8400
Fax number +1 212 463 9193\1 212 627 1451
Reporters Without borders
Middle-East desk :
Americas desk:
Human rights watch
New YorkPress Desk Tel: 1 212 216 1832
Minky WordenMedia Director Tel: 1 212 216 1250
Emma DalyPress Director Tel: 1 212 216 1835
Lance LattigMedia Editor Tel: 1 212 216 1252
-Iran-Related Posts:
Victor Davis Hanson:
Western Cannibalism
Eating each other while our enemies smile.

Excerpt: "The courage and sacrifice of thousands of American soldiers now determine whether those who dream of freedom step forward boldly into the light, or retreat meekly into the shadows, and whether we will be safe in our own homes."

A very moving post by womanhonorthyself:
WelcomE TerroristS

The latest news update at : Right Truth!

Great coverage by inthebullpen:
Ahmadinejad Challenges Bush to Debate;
His Letter to Merkel

U.S. Dismisses Bush-Ahmadinejad Debate

Rumsfeld: Terrorist Groups
‘Actively Manipulating’ U.S. Media

Conservative Cat:
Notes from Ferdy - Terror Fears Get Scary

Outside the beltway: Beltwaytrafficjam

Extremists Discredit Heritage:
Of once freely accepted and welcomed
Israel to resettle in Jerusalem

"Cyrus II le Grand, roi de Perse, permet aux Hébreux, en captivité à Babylone, de retourner dans leur patrie et de reconstruire la ville de Jérusalem et le Temple."

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