Mandatory Qur'an...

March 21, 2006: CAIRO -
Prince Charles (back C) and Camilla sit patiently
during a Quranic lesson
(with chief Sheikh Mohammed Sayed Tantawi (L),
at the Al Azhar Mosque,
On tour of Egypt, this week. -AFP
~Note: Actually did a quick "double-take"...
That wouldn't be a "torn Santa hat, would it?"
...Evidently not...(You can bet your life on it.")
Muslim scholars discuss:

West must be educated on Prophet.
To explain the Islamic reaction to the cartoon
"blasphemy" of their prophet Mohammed?!
Given the congruity of science and true religion,
Islam says that radicalism of violence,
outrage, and killings are not consistent
with the true teachings of Islam?...
~Islam must sort it's divided view.
Opportunist Religionists :

~Forcing Blasphemy Law On To Europe

~The Islamist Challenge to the U.S. Constitution

~What West can learn from Islam
"Speaking of mandatory: I think we first would need to
compare definitions of the term: "Captive Audience."

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