Space Travel- & Hawking's Copley Metal

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M. Barbay/ NASA- 06 (Space-travel 09!)
Physicist Stephen Hawking wins Copley medal

Physicist Stephen Hawking received the highest award for scientific achievement Thursday for his work in theoretical physics and cosmology...
The Copley medal first was awarded in 1731 by the Royal Society, Britain's elite scientific academy. Previous recipients have included Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur and Capt. James Cook.
Stephen Hawking has contributed as much as anyone since Einstein to our understanding of gravity," said the society's president, Lord Rees. "This medal is a fitting recognition of an astonishing research career spanning more than 40 years."
To recognize Hawking's achievements in cosmology, British astronaut Piers Sellers carried Hawking's medal into space on the July shuttle mission to the international space station.
"Stephen Hawking is a definitive hero to all of us involved in exploring the Cosmos," Sellers said. "It was an honor for the crew of the STS-121 mission to fly his medal into space. We think that this is particularly appropriate as Stephen has dedicated his life to thinking about the larger universe."
Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo and its mothership in flight

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