Dropping Sanctions: Keeping the Threat

UN draft resolution drops threat of sanctions against Iran
While it appears that UN countries are protecting their interests by lifting the threat of sanctions against a nuclear deregulated Iran…

For Iran, this has become a parade. In an effort to undermine an international effort to stop the killing of innocent Iraqis, NATO's call for international troop support to protect and quell terrorism in Afghanistan, has FAILED! Iran pledges $560 million to help rebuild Afghan infrastructure . A move designed to promote the fall of the Iraqi and Afghanistan governments; as it "paves" the way for Radicalization of the region.

The Alleged Destabilizing Iranian Role in Iraq
"Holding another valuable face card--its influence on the political dynamics of Iraq. Like its uranium enrichment program, Iran's involvement in Iraq is also open for diplomatic negotiations and compromises with the United States. How far Iran will go in destabilizing (or not destabilizing) Iraq has a lot to do with how much cooperation it is likely to extract from the United States."

Over the past three years, our intervention in the Middle East has been our commitment to protect against radicalized groups who attack upon our soil. Iran’s Radical cleric regime remains irrespective to international cooperation, be it sports, sovereignty, human rights, or nuclear technology!

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In the coming weeks, U.S. will be under pressure to negotiate with Iraq and other heady issues of mutual concern… One only has to look at the trail of Militant Jihadists, sponsored by the Iranian regime, in four corners of the region…
Perri Nelson | Beltwaytrafficjam | Right Truth
joscafe | basilsblog

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