It’s Media's War: "Anything for a Story"

The continual flow of faux-style articles flash across front page publications as they incite further terrorist anger and militant sympathies around the globe. One only has to examine MSM's unfair and falsified news reporting against the archives of our troop casualties, to see this "recipe for terror growth!"
MB- 06; Edikboghodi
Not only do these faux reports (however rarely retracted) destabilize the thousands of efforts of countries who fight terror. Think of how faux-journalism impacts many 'fellow international journalists' around the globe... If fair reporting and quality of journalism were mandatory today; we would see a greater power for addressing the unfairly imprisoned, and silenced; which span the globe. (Trapped within censorship, their fate is unknown)

Rick gives a to-the-heart explanation of the changing nature of journalism in America today... Excerpt:
"I think the difference between journalists today and those of 20 or 30 years ago is that reporters used to have a thirst for knowledge, an “itch” that could never be scratched. They attacked a story, constantly challenging assumptions, digging ever deeper to see if there was anything else there. They did it not necessarily because they were afraid they were wrong but rather because they were afraid they were missing the true essence of the story." more
Others who have weighed-in on this topic:
Flopping aces:
The AP Reporting Gets Worse ; And read this post also:
Getting The News From The Enemy, Update IV
Michelle Malkin: Rumors and reporting in Iraq
Dread Pundit Bluto: It's Official: AP Source an Impostor
Anti-media's: AP's "explanation" is no explanation at all

Is MSM trying to balance "gruesome reports" of our enemies?
Chad at Inthebullpen:
Iranian Cleric Issues Fatwa for Two Journalists’ Heads
Keeping with the MSM philosophy of 'Anything for an interview?' The Mike Wallace interview with Ahmadinejad (absent a mention of fellow journalists jailed and imprisoned for free-speech) comes to mind...

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