Imams Incite a Direct Flight to Court

America, trying to put the pieces back together after 9-11, 2001:
Below: Medical and rescue workers in front of Millennium Hotel (Manhattan)
LEFT: After Sept 11 terrorist attacks- RIGHT: Construction continues.
Standing in the same footprints: Mark Lennihan (June 19, 2006)
"How realistic is it for anyone to expect Americans to forget the need to maintain high-level Airport security, as we face on-going threats of attack... But wait:
It appears that the Imams had a particular agenda !

Today, a definite eye-opener:
-Read the follow-up ! (Inc, PDF files) at: pajamasmedia... Eyewitness accounts clarify the facts about the IMAM airport the documents of this issue move away from Nationality, Religion, or Political persuasion...And sheds light on the MSM story ...

To put it simply, it is not acceptable for ANYONE to challenge the limits of our independent airlines, who still try to hold their own after 9-11!

Exec. Dir. Somali Justice Advocacy Center (St. Paul) says:
"We are users of the airport, too, and we don't want to get into a situation where Muslims feel we are being marginalized at the airport." (Omar Jamal is the meeting's organizer.)
As Muslims Seek Prayer Room at Airport, who doesn't know that an airport is a change-over to a focused location; and that there are flight clubs, VIP sections, and quiet spots already present within the airport...

Others reflecting on this:
The Captain says:
"All travelers have the same accommodations
in airports, regardless of religion or race,
and that's the way it should stay."

There's more about the Imams, from Debbie at: inthebullpen

LGF: Islamic Supremacist Group Protests US Airways
“Deliberate injustice is more fatal to the one who imposes it than on the one on whom it is imposed,” Bray said. “We want to tell US Airways that second-class citizenship is not an option.”(Of course they are going to sue the Airlines.)
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