Hawking: Weightless on Zero-G Today

'Amazing' experience for Hawking!
Zero Gravity’s Peter Diamandis, accompaning Prof Hawking, saw two of his weightless plunges as “flips like "a gold-medal gymnast". And said, "We had a wonderful time. It was incredible, far beyond our expectations."
-zero-gravity site

Perhaps Stephen Hawking's pioneering efforts may include a flight with Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, at a future date...
-View the craft simulation right here!
-New Mexico: World's First Spaceport
-Star Chaser Thunderstar!
-View: planetquest

This from Taylor Dinerman at Opinion Journal#
"In one of the answers to my questions, Prof. Hawking wrote: "I think that getting a portion of the human race off the ground is imperative for our future as a species. It will be difficult to do this with slow, expensive and risk-adverse government space programs.

We need to engage the entrepreneurial engine that has reduced the cost of everything from airline tickets to personal computers. Personal spaceflight is the first mass market [outer-space venture] and zero-gravity flights are the first, most affordable step in that direction.

I am hopeful that if we can engage this mass market, the cost of spaceflight will drop, and we will be able to gain access to the resources of space and also to spread humanity beyond the Earth."
Full story
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World safety; and what's going on (in my view)

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