Another Truce Disruption on Gaza

VIDEO: Another Truce Disruption on Gaza
ROME: In a joint press conference with the president of the Italian Council (Romano Prodi) Abbas responds to Israel's reprisal attacks:
"The violation of the truce by Hamas is an exception... And Israel must show reserve...Without, the situation will worsen in the territories. It is an exceptional event which will not be repeated." #
عبد الله بن عبد العزيز آل سعود
You can see the complete level of frustration here. It is time for S. A. King Abdullah to take over as custodian of this country, and begin Israeli agreement. Guns, bombs, and all weaponry should be removed from the entire area. They will never bring peace, and continue to incite terror in all of the region.

Abou Oubaida, however, affirmed that the military wing of Hamas would try to capture other Israeli soldiers to force their government to release from the Palestinian prisoners... read more

Caption of Image Below:
(left) Palestinian Interior Minister al-Qawasmi, caught between two Palestinian militant factions... His resignation, not accepted! #
(right) Dozens of foreign and Palestinian journalists gathered at Gaza's border to demonstrate against another of the Palestine militant's kidnappings. #
BBC correspondent Alan Johnston!| His Gaza Report (below) 1/23/07

This is not the first of the cease-fire violations:
Gunmen in Gaza (inter-clash) Just Hours After Truce
BBC Reporter Alan Johnson (currently abducted by Palestinian militants) reported on January 30th of the murder of Hussein Shabasi, 28, was shot dead in Khan Younis hours after the truce went into effect at 0300 (0100 GMT).

al-Qawasmi "In-between" Hamas/Fatwa Factions
"In his role as interior minister, Qawasmi was supposed to oversee the security services. But President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah appointed Mohammad Dahlan, one of Hamas's main rivals, to serve as national security adviser.

Several political sources said, however, that Qawasmi still faced the fundamental problem that he lacks the power to rein in either of the two main factions without their mutual consent.

The finance minister would also look at whether there was enough funding for the interior minister's plans."
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