Getting Congress that "One" Last Vote

Yesterday's desperate plea by Iraq's foreign minister:
"Attempts by US Democrats to hasten the withdrawal of US
troops from Iraq are "damaging to security" in the country." #

Democrat's press statements, reflected the need for one last vote:
More 'stepped up' attacks, achieved the goal!

But, better take a REAL look at the enemy of Iraq & Afghanistan, which Democrats think will "simply" go away; and MSM "simply" can't show you...(Warning**Graphic)
-Click image (View VIDEO)

Will we find them? View: "We killed the Patriot Act"

In an earlier post by Omar at Iraq the Model, he writes of leaflets distributed to Iraqis, by the mujahideen terrorists:
“Evacuate all houses in the area around the Americans’ base for we shall attack it soon… Those occupiers will soon be gone from this land. Who will protect you then?” #
Omar explains: These were roughly the words in a leaflet the “mujahideen” distributed in Adhamiya a few days ago." read more

Read this post by JD, a Marine helping to end terrorism and stabilize Iraq! Doesn't Look Lost To Me
View their Video...The guys automatically re-enlist because they know the seriousness of addressing the threat of these radical groups!

And so do the Saudis! Saudis arrest 172 terror suspects!
"Seven cells from the 'deviant group' made up of around 172 Saudis and non-Saudis were arrested. Weapons, money and documents were also seized," Turki said, using official terminology for suspected Al-Qaeda militants.

The arrests showed that "the deviant group is linked to foreign elements and takes advantage of trouble spots outside the kingdom in planning, recruitment and training," he said in an apparent reference to war-torn Iraq.

Despite a relentless crackdown by security forces, the militants are continuing their attempts to "resume their criminal activities in the kingdom in order to undermine security and public order and target the country's economy," Turki added. Read more!
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