True Price of Watching on the Side-lines

Every time the World abandons a troubled group within our civilization, we give rise to a larger part of an ideology…For those who think that “it will all go away”, or that it’s definitely “not the right war” or that “we try not to get involved in the affairs of others”…

Consider the true price of watching on the side-lines... While others loose their struggle to survive, we consciously choose to plant a seed of 'greater burden' for all future generations to harvest …
This mire delay is the most costly of all...
Taliban rising again: 4/27/07

The Democrat's funding with "troop withdrawal" demonstrates just how it has been possible that we've become this "World of whose majority watches on the side-lines, while others loose their struggle to survive'…

I've concern that the new mission of "pulling support from Afghanistan and Iraq" might set these war-zones into a copy of a declining state of the fate of Darfur...
View the Video below of Mr. Steidle (an unarmed military observer in Darfur) as he returned to the United States earlier this year...
Sharing with all...
"In Darfur, My Camera Was Not Enough."

About: Brian Steidle, found himself becoming a witness to the destruction of civilians...With only a AU monitor and camera, he took hundreds and hundreds of photographs. Having returned to the United States from Darfur earlier this year, he continues to speak out, with the use of his photographs.

He was the subject of a column by Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times. "Innocence" appeared on all kinds of media outlets, including CNN and Night Line and the CBS News. He also just returned from a trip to Chad, where he visited refugee camps and met some of the people who had fled from Darfur. Mr. Steidle makes a presentation with photographs from both his time in Darfur and his more recent trip to Chad.

Afghanistan News: Ghazni: Under seize by the Taliban
“The sector is still with the hands of the taliban. We prepare to take it again”, declared Ghazni, Mohammad Kazim Allahyer.
And with quick intervention by forces:
Afghan forces recapture district!

More Afghanistan News: 200 Taliban fighters surrounded!
In Tokyo, Japan's Cabinet approved a six-month extension of the country's naval mission in support of U.S.-led troops in Afghanistan, the government said Tuesday.
Japan's navy has provided fuel for coalition warships in the Indian Ocean since November 2001 under a special law, which has been extended three times.

"This forms a crucial component of Japan's contribution to the fight against terrorism," said Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuhisa Shiozaki.Read more

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