H5N1: Nature's Shift in Bird Migration

Nature is Balance (and will always seek balance)
I think that today's bird flu is revealing how Nature is shifting the migration of birds for the preservation of the species...If birds are to survive, the strong must change their flight patterns. Today, we see how birds have lengthened their migration...Tribes in tune with the Earth's grids, already knew this.
Depending upon the region, avian migration has shortened, strong have balanced, amidst those who remain caught in old cycles & continue to perish.

For long I have said that man has outgrown the Earth. I believe that the opening of portholes will help the travel by which souls who will depart.
-It is interesting that man’s connection to earth changes, by guilt, has caused a viral 'cross-over' between species! But one thing is revealed; as seasons begin to shift, both migration of birds and man, will shift. We are along for the ride... We must make peace and balance with the changing Earth. Viewing archives of the past as an insight to the future will help us to forgive one another...And will raise frequency.
"Many the stars I passed in my journey,
many the races of men on their worlds;
some reaching high as stars of the morning,
some falling low in the blackness of night."
Literal translation and interpretation of one of the most Ancient and secret of the great works of ancient wisdom. There is no answer by which the seeker cannot hear his own question...
"Bird of the Pharaohs" Stages Comeback

The ancient Egyptians believed the human soul turned into this Geronticus Eremita bird, when departing for the afterlife. Mummified remains and hieroglyphics, found inside tombs , have left Archeological evidence showing that the Ibis were kept domestically (as is also experienced in their friendly nature, today.) The Ibis species continues to place greater hope in its survival, as it fearlessly lives amongst the community of man... It then simply delivers its hope that Man will "GIVE" Peace...that it will hold any chance of survival...
Part 3 of 10: Earth Prep: Orogenies & Transgressions...
-To be continued...
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