Warming/Cooling: New Eco-Legislation

Hey, you can laugh...But this is what we're all going to be wearing, if the Eco-groups trim our life on earth, to the max! And yes, we've had a little snow in Malibu... Oh, don't get me wrong, we must find alternative fuel resources to support quality of Live on Earth; but today, the direction of "weather-shifts" encourage those who construct legislation, based upon supposed data...
Big concern for the life-line of relevant US companies:
Pelosi promises to do everything in
Her power to stop global warming!
Whether we create massive 'useless programs' or workable policy, will largely depend upon the World picture. We must enable a secure, realistic, and workable list of alternatives!
Int'l Institute for Sustainable Development
MB- 07 -Burr-rr! but it's OK- "Malibu Storm"
Now, Blue States Pressure Pelosi!
Meanwhile in Washington:
Environmental appointees challenge who will lead & control, and "which groups" will prohibit & eliminate function of "existing companies!" It's already decided who they'll tax and restrict... Read on!

SPECULATIVE GOALS: The unknown meets legislature concerning corrective measures of "what levels" and "which impact" is placed upon our planet. Billion dollar programs will emerge in an attempt to shift climate, realign seasons; while inhibiting hand "selected" growth & global functioning...Mind you: Programs which have addressed research toward independence from fossil-fuel, continue at the highest level in the last 5 years than with any Presidency:
But who 'COOLS' a lot of these programs?
National Energy Policy Act of 2005
(2005) Many of new congress voted down measures to:
(1) increase the value of our current oil supply
(2) Reduce the capital investment cost for cracking oil
(3) Reduce the operating energy cost for cracking oil
(4) Reduce sulfur content using an environmentally responsible method.

Today, the current Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Charles Rangel, holds jurisdiction on any tax legislation aimed at affecting industry behavior on the environment...

Will the current congress "middle-size" the prosperity of America? Will they set America's companies out into the cold? Will they examine the warming/cooling impact upon today's international global markets? This will determine whether or not industry and development in this country, will find it cost efficient to re-locate to a less burdensome country...Keep your eyes opened, and be a part of the direction of these programs:
Energy Policy Act of 2005: FORUMS
Eco-groups hold global firms accountable
Eco groups launch salvage act against tree felling
Light Pollution Taking Toll on Wildlife, Eco-Groups Say

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