Troop Negating & Thwarting Iraq Efforts

This is what is being said about the New Congress:
"With 230,000 boots firmly planted amongst the enemy, the New Congress has failed to thwart troop commitment, & have served to place additional harm their way." (Iraq H.C.)
"It is doing nothing to stop the war... In fact, it's killing people." So says Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki. "Such statements give moral boosts to the terrorists and push them towards making an extra effort; & making them believe that they have defeated the American Administration."
MB- 07; Antique Poison Bottle Hall of Fame
If you have not already read (Iraq the Model) Mohammed's post in Iraq, please do. His ideas all require patience.
A last chance or a new beginning?
"Success has economic and social elements along with the military one, in addition to international and regional cooperation. It is no wisdom to think of closing this file or abandoning it based on the results of one security operation."

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