Lawlessness becomes Struggle for Liberty

It has been discovered that late in his life, George Washington (miraculously) submit to a freezing experiment. And now, defying logic of time & Science: The Father of our Nation returns, there's a court trial, and vital piece of the Constitution has resurfaced; leaving all of America, in complete shock! Evidently, Washington produces a clause which stipulates that only one of the signers need be present; in the event that our Nation should become irreparably damaged.
((Gravel))((Gravel)) "ALL RISE!"
"Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court...
While it was I (in 1789) who carefully examined the pomp and ceremony of office, making sure that the titles and trappings never emulated European royal courts; it is I (once again) who examines the plight of the new Liberty of Iraq, their struggle, & unrealistic expectation by the New Congress."
(In the Background, there is complete restlessness in the court!)
ABOVE: Washington, shouts at Congress over
their political "control games" of Iraq-war!
"Silence, Ladies and Gentlemen of the court.
It is clear that your blindness has offered no other remedy to regain sight of the struggle and plight of others...So, with this having been said...By the power invested in me, I am authorized (on behalf of my colleagues) to abolish all the effects of the Constitution, in an effort to return our Nation to its early beginnings where lawlessness became a struggle for Liberty.
(There are sounds of gasps, and loud murmur amidst entire court.)
Ladies and Gentlemen, of the court...
I shall give you 60 days to restore complete lawfulness with the absence all facets of Government- 'from President to Police’. If you fail, the complete control of your country will belong in another's hands...
Let us see how you fare as a developing nation.
It doesn't look good, so far.
And so, just as in the late 1780s, George Washington may sign the 2007 Articles of Confederation, & may (again) preside over the Constitutional Convention, which may draft a much stronger United States Constitution...God willing.

If we are to be a party to humanity, it must be a party which strives in prayer for the World's balance... It must be a Nation who sides together amidst humility, love, and acceptance. It must stand on the side which supports the plight of millions of people who struggle to gain a foot-hold of Liberty...
NOTE: George Washington was glad to adjourn early, as he was running late for a talk show, to air his differences and throw slander at any (or all) of the prior participants of the Former Government...
He read on Drudge: 'Judge Judy' earns more per year than all 9 Supreme Court Justices - COMBINED.

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