Disintegration of Earth's Memory: UFOs

I think that most want to believe in the drama of UFO visitors; but I see it as a clear view/insight as to the progressive disintegration of time-lines and how residual energies continue to bleed through the grids.
It remains logical that perhaps one should not hold their breath for reciprocal communication from today's UFO sightings... :)
Just as Earth has become unstable, the sightings of UFO's (residual energy) represent a collapse in time-lines as we know them; & are the direct result of Earth changes, amidst this loss of Earth integrity.
Anything you want them to be... It's your illusion.
DALI: The Disintegration of persistent Memory;
When I look at the work of Salvador Dali, I see a merging palette of futuristic vision...Then (1954) his work was perceived as illusion. Today (2007) prophesy was his medium, and paint tells the story…
As seasons begin to shift, soon the frequency of these residual imagery projections will become more profound. And as demonstrated in the hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings, amidst Earth changes; portholes will continue to open as time-lines continue to collapse...
The sightings over O'Hare Airport are certainly nothing new...
It is interesting to note that many people around the world have spotted residual crafts, flying directly through buildings and airplanes. They are residual hologram protections seen by 3-D physical time-bodies..."US"
Traveling through the instability of Earth's time-line (collapse) of grids, I believe that it is possible that the UFOs that may be able to perceive light-bodies (souls)...But it is possible they may not consistently be able to detect movements of Earth bodies, or the extent of our presence...
The frequency of Earth is comparatively low...But steadily rising. :)
Part 2 of 10: Earth Prep: Orogenies & Transgressions...
-To be continued ...
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