1-Earth Prep: Orogenies & Transgressions

"These ultimate springs and principles are totally shut up from human curiosity and enquiry. Elasticity, gravity, cohesion of parts, communication of motion by impulse; these are probably the ultimate causes and principles which we shall ever discover in nature."
SOURCE: David Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, Section IV, Part I, p. 26 [L.A. Shelby-Bigge, editor, Oxford University Press, 1902, 1972, p. 30]

Matrix Institute- Gordon Michael Scallion MAPS
You probably won't know much about Gordon Scallion, because he's not a part of the eco-doomsday society, abet policies designed to stop evolution. As a clairvoyant, Gordon works in the dream-state... But more curious is his talent and ability to pose questions to reality; which the policies of warming-groups, do not...
A humble question might be:
"Why is it not acceptable for Earth to prepare itself for evolution?" And if it's not acceptable, one must ask why not; and whether the reason or reasons will actually stop it."
Unstoppable Global Warming,
Every 1,500 Years

"Public discussions of global warming still usually fail to note that
the Earth has been much warmer in the past than now, and that for
much of Phanerozoic time the Earth had no glaciers or polar caps."
Don Surber posts Eco snobbery .
UPDATE: Author removed article

-Other 'working' Eco posts in the community- (link and TB)
The Pulse of the Earth, Orogenies & Transgressions...
Article excerpt:
"The most dramatic changes in the shape and appearance of the earth over geological time involve the growth and movement of continents (plate tectonics), the creation (orogenies) and destruction of mountain ranges, which are really part of that process, and the advance (transgressions) and retreats (regressions) of the oceans across the continents.

The mechanism of mountain building could not be understood until the theory of plate tectonics became established and it could be seen that plates moving together were responsible."
"The real mechanism for transgressions and regressions
is still not understood. And we have 'YET' to effect the
prevention of an earthquake, or volcano erruption."

Part 1 of 10: Earth Prep: Orogenies & Transgressions...
To be continued...
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