Responsibility of Confronting Genocide

AFRICAN CONFLICTS: The Casamance Conflict in Senegal; the Ituri Conflict, an extension of the Second Congo War; the Ivorian Civil War; Somaliland's fight for survival of their Federal Interm Government; Continual political fall-out from the Chadian-Sudanese conflict, North-South Conflict in Sudan, and the Ugandan conflict with the Lord's Resistance Army. Zimbabwe is also facing a political crisis...
What can be done when it is not safe for Humanitarian aid and Peacekeepers, nor UN Security Council Resolutions, to protect populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity?”
Break the cycle and confront the leaders now! REMOVE them!
A Great injustice to Humanity, is to
ignore all efforts to Stop Genocide!
In Darfur, some 500,000 Darfuris have died since the outbreak of major violence in February 2003, now four years ago; and millions are displaced...Yet, leaders go without reprimand...It has now been 12 years!
TODAY: Africa's militant locations become prime safe havens for
large groups who wage attacks around the world; yet protests
continue to be directed at those who attempt to extract Jihadists!
Defying the notion that military intervention destabilizes regions amidst humanitarian violations; we must look at the last 12 years...
Oxfam International provides some sense of the crisis in Chad, which continues to be eclipsed by the vast cataclysm to the east:
“A wave of violence has forced the temporary evacuation of over 400 humanitarian staff in eastern Chad in the past two weeks, severely interrupting the provision of humanitarian aid, said international agency Oxfam today. The serious deterioration of security in the region bordering Darfur threatens to cause a major health and food crisis for hundreds of thousands of people.” (12. 16 .06 press release)
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