Baghdad: Battling a Sophisticated Army

Trouble...In Downtown Baghdad, today...
More positive info at bottom of post!)
Mohammed (Iraq the Model) has this post:
Did the operation actually begin?
"The battles left more than 50 militants killed and more than a dozen captured, seven of whom are Syrians and this supports what we reported in our last post that eyewitnesses said. Meanwhile there have been more clashes in Al-Aamil district in western Baghdad yesterday and we learned that all roads and bridges leading to that area are now closed, with helicopters hovering above."
CNN-MAP: Click-Image-Enlarge!
U.S. forces join Iraqis in 10-hour Baghdad battle
Excerpt CNN
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- About 1,000 U.S. and Iraqi troops battled insurgents Tuesday in the heart of Baghdad in some of the fiercest fighting the Iraqi capital has seen in months.
"This isn't a rag-tag bunch of insurgents running around
trying to make trouble" (citing U.S. military sources)..
"This is a very coordinated operation."
-CNN's Michael Holmes
The sources said the insurgents -- a combination of Hussein loyalists and al Qaeda in Iraq fighters -- include snipers positioned on rooftops, gunmen patrolling the streets in pairs who were "falling back and regrouping" during the firefight, Holmes reported.
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Pamela from Atlas Shrugs has this:
Iran's Secret Plan for Chaos in Iraq
And has a VIDEO link...
Also troubling, to me, too...
In exactly the opposite to current criticisms amidst the sensitive populations of Baghdad; the chief of the parliamentary block Shiite, Abdel Aziz Hakim, pushes for the acceleration of the the execution of the two of Saddam figures. According Monday's Baghdad NEWSPAPER, Abdel Aziz Hakim chose this time to speak out to the Iraqi government to carry out the final executions!
Abdel Aziz Hakim: Head of Supreme Council
for Islamic Revolution in Iraq
The timing of his public statement, almost seems intentional amidst Iraqi Goverment's full knowledge of a US troop surge...However trivial this may seem to us; we cannot be sure of the volatility of his statement, amongst the rival groups. (He is the highest Shiite Parlimentary figure, in Iraq)
From Iraq the Model:
" Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the leader of the so called the Islamic Emirate in Iraq sent an order to all armed groups to be ready to confront what he called Iranian gangs preparing to launch an offensive on Baghdad's Sunni neighborhoods using the cover of the security plan to "annihilate Sunni Muslims and destroy their mosques." read more.
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Ok, in the most positive way we can: HT: LGF
Michelle Malkin and Bryan Preston
Are imbedded with an Army unit in Iraq...
We know you are in good hands, as you become the eyes for all of us. Read a truly touching post & see the photographs: In the slums of Baghdad
Tel-Chai Nation: Malkin on patrol in Baghdad
And to tell you the truth... Not a minute too short!
Outside the Beltway: Troop surge already under way

UPDATE: The Captain's Bush Speech Live Blog is up
Also: 7:32 PM CT - He'll be on CHQR's The World Tonight with Rob Breakenridge at 8:40 pm CT. discussing the speech and its implications. CHQR broadcasts on 770 AM in Calgary, but CQ readers can listen to the station's Internet stream."
UPDATE: Visit: The captain's Evening With NPR

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