Iraq Purge: Raid on Burrowed Iranians

US arrests five in Iran consulate raid in Iraq
This raid was long over-due... And as you can see, was part of the surge. Before the President had finished his speech, this was completed. I've singularly thought that this was (and has been) the most critical deterrent to the stability of Iraq's elected government....
-Mark My Words has more about the raid:
Iran - feels the heat being turned up
Iran's Regime burrowed this one in Iraq, from charge d'affaires to Iranian Ambassador to Iraq (from the beginning of the mission)...And while the Iraqi people were dodging bullets to vote in Anbar Province; Iranian regime was busy forming (SCIRI) in Tehran...
The Supreme Council for Islamic Resistance in Iraq
The first Iranian Ambassador in Iraq, in 26 years!
Bossy and Belligerent Hassan Kazemi Qomi:
1st Iranian Ambassador to Iraq, (Since 80's)
Sure there were those who couldn't decide if they wanted to include the Islamic Republic, in their government...It wasn't on the ballot!. But hey, if it's any constellation, we have that same scenario with the Democrats, too. Pelosi must be Hell to pay, without our strategy available "step-by-step" to the public...
"Iran's threat involves both lethal action and the burrowing of Iranian actors into Iraqi institutions...."Syrian actions, while posing less of a strategic threat to Iraq than Iranian actions, exacerbate the tactical challenge faced by the Iraqi government."
Although six suspects surrendered without incident in what was an ongoing operation, US officials have provided no further details.

Iran condemned as "provocative" the raid.
"This is a provocative US action and it is contrary to all international laws, and it is condemned," Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told state run radio.
Speaking of Radio:
7:32 PM CT - Visit: The captain'Evening With NPR Also: will be on CHQR's The World Tonight with Rob Breakenridge at 8:40 pm CT. discussing the speech and its implications. CHQR broadcasts on 770 AM in Calgary, but CQ readers can listen to the station's Internet stream."

Linked to: Chad at inthebullpen:
Six Iranian Officials
Detained in Iraq
View a lot more detail available, than posted here.
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